Fall/Winter 2022 Trend Watch

October 10, 2022USA

Gen Z and Millennial Shopping Habits Reveal Fall/Winter Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Trends 

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Afterpay’s bi-annual trend report is here, identifying the key fall/winter trends of the season. By analyzing Gen Z and Millennial purchasing behaviors in the US and Canada, the trend report sheds light on the macrotrends being shaped by the younger generations shopping Afterpay’s global catalog of more than 144,000 brands and retailers¹.

Fall/Winter Trends 2022

Fall Grunge

Grunge is back this fall with American and Canadian shoppers incorporating 90s inspiration into their wardrobes and beauty routines. Plaid and leather apparel were added to shopping carts in the fashion category, and the return of the “slept-in-your-makeup” look has solidified grunge as a fall favorite. 

  • All Leather Everything: Consumers are clamoring to add leather into their wardrobes – with sales of leather jackets, pants, shirts and more, up 27% YoY in the US and 295% YoY in Canada. The Revolve Mercy Cropped Jacket is an investment piece that adds a rocker chic layer to any 90s grunge look this fall.  
  • Thanks to Courtney Love: Shoppers are moving away from the perfection of the “clean girl aesthetic” and embracing the grungy, unbothered look once popularized by 90s rocker Courtney Love. In the US, there’s a focus on smudged eyeliner such as Bobbi Brown’s long-wear cream shadow sticks, up 57% YoY, and chrome eyeshadow, up 491% YoY. 

Muted Metallics

Uncertainty in the macroeconomic climate continues to hold influence on both designers and consumers as they move away from Serotonin Dressing into a more subdued form of optimism through metallics, which is giving rise to more futuristic dressing. 

  • Golden Hour: Sales for metallic apparel and accessories were up 19% YoY in the US and 184% YoY in Canada. While gold remains the popular choice across both regions, silver items, such as UGG’s Classic Mini Metallic Boots and Urban Outfitters’ Gia Metal Halter Top, are on the rise.  
  • The Future of Fashion: Just like designers, consumers want in on the latest fashion tech trends. According to Afterpay Brand Ambassador, Zanna Roberts-Rassi, “As more leading designers play into the world of NFTs, consumers are trying to keep up by incorporating vinyl fabrics, with Afterpay sales already up 42% YoY. Perfect for holiday season dressing!”

Haircare Gets Its Own Routine

As the seasons transition, many beauty-conscious shoppers are either changing up their hair styles or investing in haircare products – especially for those experiencing hair loss. Afterpay Fashion Psychology, Shakaila Forbes-Bell, says, “According to Psychologist Harth W Blume-Peytavi, hair growth and hair disorders not only influence an individual’s appearance, but often lead to an enormous emotional burden with low self-confidence, impaired quality of life, and even psychological disorders. As such, consumers are investing in their hair to avoid these issues and further embrace wellness.”

The trend report analyzes purchases made by our global customer base of over 20 million, who shop from Afterpay’s catalog of over 144,000 brands and retailers to identify the season’s key trends and shopping patterns.² Since 2020, BNPL spending has increased 660%² as consumers adopt flexible payment solutions to help manage their purchases. 

Afterpay gives consumers the ability to use their own money and pay over time without having to turn to expensive credit cards, which can lead to revolving and compounding debt. Built from the ground up to help consumers pay responsibly, more than 98% of Afterpay transactions never incur a late fee and more than 90% of Afterpay transactions are paid with a debit card.

For all the Gen Z and Millennial fashion, beauty and lifestyle shopping trends uncovered by Afterpay, click below to download the full report. 

Afterpay 2022 Fall Winter Trend Report Here

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Data analyzed is based on Afterpay Canada and US sales from July 2, 2022 – September 25, 2022

¹Figures as of March 31, 2022

²Source: Next Gen Index

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