It’s of-fish-ial! New research reveals fish and chips as ultimate Aussie food combo

March 11, 2022Australia

Some things are better together! To celebrate the launch of Afterpay and DoorDash—a combo made in heaven—a list of Aussies’ ultimate food combos has been released.’

In a list of Australians’ ultimate food pairings, the classic combination of fish and chips has been voted into the top spot. The top 10 list was revealed in celebration of Afterpay launching on DoorDash today, an iconic combo made in heaven.

Surprisingly, the much-loved avocado and toast didn’t make the top five, despite developing an international following outside of Australia, whilst the controversial ham and pineapple pizza snuck in at number eight. The full top 10 list is as follows:

  1. Fish and chips
  2. Vegemite and toast
  3. Burger and fries
  4. Cheese and crackers
  5. Meat pie and tomato sauce
  6. Avocado and toast
  7. Sausage and bread
  8. Ham and pineapple pizza
  9. Bangers and mash
  10. Pizza and beer

Research also revealed that Aussies are most likely to get inspired in the kitchen in the evenings, with more than a third (35%) of Aussies saying dinner time is when they‘re most creative with recipe combinations.

However, many have compromised cooking the meal they want due to various factors, including not having all of the ingredients (26%) and not having the time to go to the grocery store (17%).

Commenting on the findings, Katrina Konstas, Afterpay’s EVP of APAC said, “Our research revealed that dinnertime is a key moment of creativity for Aussie households. This new partnership is set to help food lovers everywhere get inspired, budget better and enjoy eating their favourite cuisines or even trying something new now, and paying in four instalments, always interest free.”

Rebecca Burrows, DoorDash Australia General Manager continued, “DoorDash helps Aussies support their local businesses, with local, on-demand delivery or pick-up from restaurants and convenience stores, and by offering Afterpay at the DoorDash check-out, we’re catering to audiences that are looking for better ways to manage their finances.”

Afterpay launches on DoorDash today. Customers can receive three months free DashPass when they check out with Afterpay. DashPass, DoorDash’s monthly subscription, that offers unlimited free delivery and exclusive ordering deals.

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