From Runway to Street: Top Trends to Shop Right Now from This NYFW

February 17, 2023USA

Afterpay Brand Ambassador Zanna Roberts-Rassi highlights the latest Fashion Week trends trickling down to the masses

For those following New York Fashion Week, fashionistas will look to the runway for inspiration on what to wear this season and beyond. As Afterpay closes out its fourth season as the presenting partner of NYFW, we have aggregated data from our global network of merchant partners to validate the most prominent runway trends seen on the ground by Afterpay Brand Ambassador Zanna Roberts-Rassi. These are the top runway trends consumers can keep an eye out for and use Afterpay to responsibly budget and shop for this season.


The Future of Fashion is 3D 

“Florals for spring aren’t groundbreaking,  but designers gave their designs the 3D treatment this season, with structural looks that bloomed sculpturally on corsages, tops and blazers. Sales on Afterpay for floral patterns were up 19% YoY and appliques were up 10% YoY, so we expect this trend to only gain more traction this season.”

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Romantic grunge

“Juxtaposition in styling is huge this season – mixing edgy and romantic elements together takes a look to the next level. A leather jacket makes almost any look instantly edgier, and with sales of biker jackets up 8% YoY and varsity jackets up 126% YoY on Afterpay, consumers are sure to throw on some racing stripes or any moto detail on this season. To add juxtaposition to their outfits, consumers can pair lacy socks (up 98% YoY) and ballet flats (up 29% YoY) to give their outfits extra flair.”

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Soft Goth

“Influences from Netflix’s Wednesday has transcended from  the screen to the runway. Think dark and smoky purple and brown eye shadows blown out above and below the eyes. With eyeshadow sales up 139% YoY and shades of deep purple up 184% YoY, it’s an easy look to replicate that doesn’t need to be perfect.”

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True Romance

“The next evolution of ballet core is here, and at Afterpay we’re calling it true romance. This version is all about upgrading the looks you already own with romantic accessories, with elements such as bows and lace up 11% and 9% YoY on Afterpay, respectively. Consumers are leaning in and upgrading the garments they already own – be it tying ribbons on headphones, upgrading their ballet flats, or adding charms to their bags – to create their special romantic look.”

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Oversized Bags

“As the fashion pendulum swings from micro to maxi, we’re seeing the return of oversized bags, up 91% YoY on Afterpay. Finally, you can fit more than a phone and a lip gloss! But, just because it’s big, doesn’t mean you should fill it to the brim. It should look relaxed, not stuffed!”

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Chandelier Earrings

“Long earrings instantly upgrade any basic shirt. Exciting earrings can distract from a bad hair day, or simply start a conversation! Sales for dangly earrings are already up 465% and decorative up 760% YoY, so just make sure you find a perfect pair that skims your shoulders.”

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Methodology: Data analyzed is based on Afterpay US sales from Jan 1, 2022 – Jan 31, 2023 and September 1, 2022 – Jan 1, 2023

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