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March 25, 2024USA
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A new partnership with Afterpay has seen the global travel brand grow it’s footprint


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A natural fit

For more than two decades, Expedia has helped unlock global travel – making it simpler for customers to take dream vacations, enjoy new experiences and visit new places. As one of the original online travel companies, Expedia has driven the democratization of travel by enabling customers to manage their own trips and travel plans. So, partnering with Afterpay – which allows customers to manage their travel payments – was a natural fit.

Expedia began offering Afterpay last year, and, since then, customers have been able to book travel and spread their payments over four installments. The partnership has been successful from the outset, says Julia Merritt, Expedia Group’s director of global business development, strategic partnership and affiliates.

“We recognize that travel is not only an incredibly deliberate purchase but that it carries quite a high ticket value. So, being able to ensure that our customers can take that trip or go to that place and see that destination, and make sure it’s the best financial purchase for them, is really important for us.Julia Merritt Director of Global Business Development, Strategic Partnership and Affiliates – Expedia Group

Success from the outset

Not only has the partnership made travel more accessible for customers, but it has delivered business benefits for Expedia.

“We are very excited to have had the success we have had with Afterpay in the first 10 months. We have been able to tap into a highly engaged audience with a very high purchase intent.”

“Afterpay has a really great customer-facing product… and it’s really important for us to be able to provide our consumers with the products that they are already interacting with.”

“Afterpay helps us get in front of a customer base that may not have thought to book with Expedia previously,” she adds. “Afterpay has been a phenomenal strategic partner of ours and we are very excited to continue with that growth.Julia Merritt Director of Global Business Development, Strategic Partnership and Affiliates – Expedia Group

Afterpay Expedia partnership

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